Dr. Dolphin and ‘Noise’, 09.03.2012

The then chairman of the HSE board Dr Frank Dolphin, ex-chairman of the Children’s University Hospital,Temple St. and ex-member of the Board of Governors of the Mater Hospital, addressing delegates at the National Healthcare Conference at the Burlington Hotel,March 2011,  said, as reported by Eithne Donnellan in the Irish Times, 25.03.2011 -…. it was a pity that “in all of the noise about the location of a building, we are losing sight of the fact that we must develop the highest level of tertiary care for our children, and that point is being lost in the arguments about location”…. “I continue to be concerned about the fact that there are a small group of people who are extremely well organised and who continue to come out with a line of more implication than fact about the hospital.”

NCHA agrees that patient care  is the priority. The priority is not the development of the Mater. That is why we say – Let’s change the site, let’s get it right. It is patient care  we are making ‘noise’ about, Dr Dolphin.

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  1. Businessman, Cork : “it’s not that Dr. Frank Dolphin’s appointment as Chairman of the new location committee is unlawful, it’s that his appointment undermines the objective impartiality of any future decisions the new committee may make. Jurisprudence has a long established hypothetical concept called the test of “objective bias”. It’s not whether the apprehensions or suspicions that an affected party to a decision or judgement may have but what a reasonable fair minded non cynical objective observer would think of Dr. Dolphin’s appointment.”

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