Put a Campus Masterplan on public display – NOW

To -An Taoiseach and members of government –

Please let us, the citizens and taxpayers, see  A MASTERPLAN NOW.

What the Minister for Health’s own commissioned Planners’ Report (Oct 2012) advised:-

  • Ideally, a revised master plan setting out a clear vision for the entire campus, including the proposed new hospitals, research and hostel facilities, should [our emphasis] be prepared prior to the design of the new development, and agreed with Dublin City Council.”(p14).
  •  “…If the Government decides to locate the Children’s Hospital at SJH [St. James’s Hospital], one of the first planning actions should be the preparation of an up-to-date master plan setting out a strategic vision for the overall campus, in order to provide a coherent context for the accommodation of detailed plans for the Children’s Hospital and Maternity hospital.”(p18)
  •  “We believe that preparation of a master plan for the SJH campus could be carried out in tandem with preliminary studies for the planning application and environmental / appropriate assessments required for the Children’s Hospital.”(p19).

Tomorrow, November 6th 2013, is the first anniversary of the government decision to build the new children’s hospital on the campus of St. James’s hospital.