The M50 – “a central spine”

Appendices to the Dolphin Report, June 2012.
Appendix 5 : A Note on Planning context
“..While global figures for population within the M50 can be stated at approximately 800,000, the NPH site investigation should take into account the location of the children if the focus is to be on the best service for children. With the expansion of suburbs westwards and northwards beyond the M50, the M50 has become a central spine and not a perimeter corridor. The GDA population (Dublin City, Fingal, South Dublin, Dublin Laoghaire Rathdown, Kildare, Meath and Wicklow) was 1,804,156 in the 2011 census, meaning 1 million of the ‘secondary care’ catchment lives outside the M50.
Population expansion continues outside the M50……..”

NCHA Editor’s comment – And that only refers to the ‘secondary care’ children.  Over 80% of ‘tertiary care’ (the very sick) children now live outside the M50.