Brighton’s Children’s and the NPH- Similar??

 The NPHDB  appointed BDP with lead architect Benedict Zucchi with Irish partners O’Connell Mahon Architects.

Mr. Zucchi said on radio interview on appointment  in Oct. 2014 “The children’s hospital in Brighton was of a similar scale, nature and complexity to the new children’s hospital; both facilities co-located with an adult hospital, in an urban setting….”

A brief look at Brighton’s Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital website  gives a very different picture. it is neither a national or a regional hospital. It has fewer than 100 beds (including 25 day beds). Pathology, MRI, CT, Nuclear Medicine are in the adjacent adult hospital. There is no parking for ambulances at the Emergency Dept., seriously ill or injured children are brought instead to the adult Emergency Dept. and then internally transferred. There are no ENT or Ophthmology clinics, no maternity or neonatology. Paediatric Audiology is in the Adult hospital.  Parking is “very limited” with a warning “there are often long queues” for the multi-story car park.

The scale, clinical complexity and nature  of Ireland’s NCH is very different, contrary to Mr. Zucchi’s opinion. The NCH is projected to cost €650m, the Alex cost £36m.

Please, Mr Zucchi – spare us.