A letter today from a parent

Minister Harris
Unfortunately I must put on record my dismay at your endorsement [26th April 2017]of the National Children’s Hospital at the St James campus.

While it is true that no site is perfect – some are more perfect than others.  You chose to ignore the valid concerns of healthcare professionals, parents and medical experts and did not adequately examine the myriad advantages that the Connolly site boasts.

The selection of this inner city campus will do a grave disservice to the present adult patients that use this hospital and future paediatric patients.  The dream of squeezing in a full Maternity Hospital is but a dream as there simply is not enough room for this.

Both you and James Reilly have sealed your place in history for making one of the stupidest decisions for the children of this State over the next 100 years.

The enormity of this judgement error will become apparent over the next number of years and it sickens me to the stomach.

From -a mother who lost a child .