Compare the new University Hospital in Aarhus, Denmark

DNU facts -from the Danish Hospital website
The project in numbers
– About the building of the New University Hospital in Aarhus:
• Four hospitals in Aarhus are gathered under one roof
250,000 m2 of new build.
  • 160,000 m2 of existing hospital buildings are integrated
•Approx. 30,000 m2 are converted to another function
•Area of lot in total approx. 1,250,000 m2
•Overall budgetary framework of 6.4 billion DKK for new building[less than half the cost of the NCH in Dublin which at 118,000sqm is only half as big and on 12acres]
and 430 million DKK  for reconstruction [7.44DKK = 1 Euro]
•In addition:
o The New Psychiatric Centre of 50,000 m2 with a construction cost of1.25 billion DKK
o Danish Centre for Particle Radiotherapy of 9,500 m2
with a construction cost of 800 million DKK
o Car park with 700 parking spaces and a helipad on top with a construction cost of 160 million DKK
Hospital city with the size of a Danish provincial town…
2.8 km of new ring road
•Three new main access roads
Almost 5,700 parking spaces
The construction in numbers…
• A construction site area of 0.3 square kilometers.[=74acres=30ha]
• The construction of DNU started in 2009
•The first buildings were put into operation in 2015
•The complete project will be finished in 2019