Thank you Phoenix Children’s Hospital Arizona

NCHA and Connolly for Kids Hospital are grateful to the Children’s in Arizona for threatening legal action against the use of the name Phoenix by the NCH .  Legal action is the only instrument our government fears.

We apologise to our colleagues in  and users of the Arizona hospital  for the crass commandeering of  their name.  Sadly, it only reflects the arrogant ‘culture’  that has characterised the promotion of the St. James’s project by the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board, the Children’s Hospital Group Board (all members of both being appointed by the Minister for Health) and the Government. What occult forces have driven this project forward? Certainly not our hospital medical boards, the rights of children, an understanding of childhood or of  paediatric institutions.  Shameful hidden influence by powerful adult interests ?

Is Phoenix the myth that at last is causing that mask  to slip?