What we said on 26th April 2017


Reprint of Press Release from the Connolly for Kids Hospital (C4KH) group issued  20 months ago.

Press Release : Connolly for Kids Hospital ; 26th April 2017

A shameful decision was taken by the government today with the awarding of the Construction Contract to build the new National Children’s Hospital in Dublin’s inner city.

It is going to be the most expensive Children’s Hospital in the world and, far from being the  ‘world-class’ hospital claimed by government, it is actually unfit for purpose and  a waste of public money because of many deficiencies:

There are not enough beds – proportionately fewer than we had in 2012 – with thousands of children on waiting lists!

There are not enough operating theatres – the new children’s hospital in Liverpool (the Alder Hey) has 270 beds and 16 operating theatres – the NPH has 473 beds and 18 operating theatres. Instead of 18 theatres, proportionately the NPH should have 29 theatres.  (Crumlin and Temple St. surgeons asked for more but were completely ignored.)

There are not enough parking spaces – fewer per bed than Crumlin had  per bed in 2010.

There is not enough Family Accommodation – the Alder Hey has 270 beds, with 83 family rooms in its Ronald McDonald facility. The NPH has 473 beds with only 53 family rooms. Proportionately it should have 145 family rooms in its Ronald McDonald facility.

There is not enough space for a ground helipad to land Search and  Rescue helicopters

There is not enough research space.  The Research Centre is SMALLER  than the MINIMUM requested by the researchers, with NO ROOM to expand.  It can accommodate a maximum of 50 researchers compared to 450-500 at Melbourne and at Brisbane Children’s  and 2,000 at Toronto Children’s Hospital.

There is not enough space for individual offices for social workers, psychologists or doctors to work in or speak privately to parents. – Hot-desking will be the rule.

There is not sufficient expansion space for future development.

It is the most difficult hospital in the country for ambulances to get to (according to the experts -ambulance drivers). Remember it will be  the only ‘local’ hospital for children for the greater Dublin region- and beyond.

As long as there is no co-located maternity hospital (and that is a pipe-dream) babies will die and many will be disabled.

Lack of parking provision will lead to serious staffing problems –which will compromise patient care.

It turns out that the most expensive children’s hospital in the world is very far from ‘world class’ – it is not even fit for purpose.

A truly world class hospital can be built at Connolly hospital in Blanchardstown- FASTER and at a saving of at least €250 Million of taxpayers’ money.  That hospital would also have the critical immediate maternity co-location (new Rotunda).


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