Current Estimated cost per square metre = €8708

The Oireachtas Public Accounts Committee on the 31st January 2019, was given the breakdown, by the Department of Health, of the €1.7 billion expected cost (as of the 31st January 2019) of completing the project :

Total Construction cost €1,093,800,000, with the non construction costs bringing the total Building cost to €1,433,000,000. Other costs managed by Children’s Health Ireland of €293,000,000 gave a final total cost [as of 31.01.2019] of €1,700,000,000.

Cost per sq metre : This is the construction cost per metre of gross internal area. The Ambulatory /Urgent Care Centres – €60million (cost of the Two AUCCs inc VAT) of the total construction cost . Cost per sqm of AUCCs is €5586 .

The remaining €1,033,800,000 is the construction cost of the main hospital . Gross internal area is 119,368sq m. As of 31.01.2019 the cost per sq m = €8708 . This will further increase if construction inflation rises (as is anticipated) above 4% as from July 2019 . Other costs are also expected .