Functions of the NPHDB and CHGB

The functions of the NPHDB, as outlined in S.I. 246 of 2007, are:

  • to plan, design, build, furnish and equip a national paediatric hospital (‘the new children’s hospital’) in accordance with a brief approved by the Health Services Executive (“the HSE”) with the prior consent of the Minister, and subject to any subsequent variations to this brief as may be determined by the HSE in consultation with the NPHDB, and with the prior consent of the Minister; and
  • do any other thing as is necessary for the performance of its functions.

The other functions of the NPHDB are currently undertaken by the Children’s Hospital Group Board (CHGB). These functions are as follows:

  • in consultation with the relevant hospitals, prepare plans for the transfer of services from the relevant hospitals to the hospital;
  • in consultation with the relevant hospitals, prepare a human resource strategy for the transfer to the new children’s hospital; and
  • explore the possibility of securing philanthropic contributions to meet all or part of the capital cost of developing the hospital, and foster the philanthropic interests that already exist in relation to the provision of paediatric services.

Responsibility for these functions passed to the CHGB on the13th September 2013, as set out in an operational agreement between the NPHDB, the CHGB and the HSE and approved by the Department of Health.