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Dr.Frank Dolphin should resign, 24/02/2012

NCHA has learned with concern of the precipitous appointment of Dr. Frank Dolphin to chair the Review Committee, announced yesterday by the Minister for Health within hours of An Bord Pleanala’s decision.  Prior to his appointment by Minister Harney as Chair of the Board of the HSE in August 2010, Dr Dolphin was Chairman of the Children’s University Hospital ,Temple St. and a member of the Board of Governers of the  Mater  Misericordia Hospital. He resigned from both of these positions on his appointment to the HSE.

Given the legacy of mistrust generated over  the past five years it is essential that not even a perception of possible bias is allowable in this appointment particularly as the Minister has not outruled the possibility of the children’s hospital being built at the Mater.

NCHA believes that it is in the interests of the children of Ireland that Dr. Dolphin graciously decline the post. We further  believe that the Department of Children should partner the Department of Health in all future deliberations regarding the urgent development of the National Paediatric Hospital.

Update, Nov 20th 2011


Mr. Cole, the Northern Ireland Deputy Secretary and Chief Estates officer in the Dept. of Health, Northern Ireland, spoke as an expert witness for the applicant (NPHDB)  on the topic of hospital co-location  at the recent Oral Hearing of ABP. He is Chairman of the European Health Property Network (EuHPN),  the organisation which recommended the team that conducted the Part One, Financial Analysis, NPH Independent Review commissioned by  Minister Reilly  in June 2011.

He showed slides of the Royal Hospital Group of Belfast hospitals and the new  Southern Glasgow Hospitals campuses  as examples of co-location. Site size was not mentioned.

Later, no answer was obtained from the applicant during the  ‘ Questioning of Applicant ‘ sessions( Mr. Cole not present) when the size of UK sites was requested by an observer.

We have since found the following information on the Belfast and Glasgow hospitals websites:-

Size of Royal Belfast Hospitals Campus  is 28.3ha   (70 acres) with 4 hospitals – Adult, Maternity, Children’s (107 beds) and Dental hospitals. There are 2300 car parking spaces of which 740 are for patient/visitors and 1560 are for staff.

Size of New South Glasgow Hospitals Campus is  28.9ha. – Adult, Maternity, Children’s(256 beds) hospitals, research,laboratory and facilities management building (includes genetics)

Plots on the campus for a  Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow(postgrad) building, Medical undergraduate and Nursing education buildings have been identified and buildings planned.

Compare these sites to  the Size of the Mater, Dublin, Site – 6.8ha  – Adult, Maternity and Children’s( 445 beds) hospitals.

Enough said.


“Independent” Review and Parking

“There can never be enough parking” (Dr James Shmerling’s blog, CEO, Children’s Hospital Colorado )
Dr Shmerling, CEO of  Children’s Hospital Colorado and Dr Mandell, CEO of Boston Children’s Hospital were members of the National Paediatric Hospital  “Independent” Review, Dublin, Ireland( July 2011)  which agreed with the government policy of putting the new Children’s Hospital at the Mater Hospital.
Here is what the websites for their hospitals -in Denver and Boston – reveal:-
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