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Below are some of the many comments left by the concerned general public regarding the governments decision to locate the Mater within Dublin city centre.

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  1. How many commentators are aware of the history of this site and the public AND private hospitals already there?

    There are very real and apparently legally binding restrictions on practices contravening the Catholic ethos!

    A children’s hospital on this site would be legally bound to impose restrictions on practice, including research, in order not to upset the patrons!

    The choice of this site WAS ALWAYS ABOUT THE CATHOLIC ETHOS. If we had real journalism in Ireland, this would be common knowledge by now.

    Every daft decision in Ireland has an underpinning reason. I personally doubt the often touted incompetence is the real reason.

    We need to grow a pair as a society and commit sincerely (and without prejudice) to looking after all our citizens, especially the most vulnerable.

  2. Do all the doctors supporting this campaign believe that, in Ireland, co-locating a National Children’s Hospital beside an adult teaching hospital with specialties, will not provide better outcomes for our sick children?

    Are the previous reports (that reported locating a NCH beside an adult teaching would be best) wrong?

    Do they propose a stand alone hospital instead or locating this hospital beside a an adult hospital with no specialties? Is this best international practice and in the interests of sick children?

    I am amused at the debate over accessibility as I have attended all the Dublin children hospitals and I did not find Temple Street any more “difficult” to access than Crumlin or Tallaght.

    As a mother and a nurse, the level of care my child received was my number one priority.

    I would very much like to hear where Dr Breathnach and Dr Healy and Dr Duff believe the National Childrens Hospital should be located?

    1. Admin reply: Suggest interested persons read the Observer Submissions made at the oral hearing of An Bord Pleanála by Dr Breathnach, Dr Healy and Dr Duff . See An Bord Pleanála page on our website to access- NCHA does not have a preferred site as it is not party to details of available sites. NCHA advocates the use of a validated scoring system for potential sites while applying the McKinsey criteria. Co-location of a maternity hospital with the children’s hospital is essential and more important for the children than is co-location with an adult hospital.[It should be noted that adult specialists each working ‘very parttime’ in a paediatric hospital may retard excellence and development of in-depth specialisms within the breadth of tertiary paediatric care]. A university presence, with Education and basic, translational and clinical Research is a driver of excellence and must be on site.

  3. The decision to base the hospital close to the Mater is a disgrace and in my mind has strong political motivations.
    The deferred decision to go back again to a group of external consultants paid by the government to review the plans is equally ridiculous – the Minister has been told NO.

    The losers are the people of the country with sick kids and families planning on having more kids who may take ill, it could be any of us. I just hope the peeple of the country make their position known and use democracy to control this situation – my question is how do we do this?

  4. I thought the Mahon tribunal would end corrupt politics. Bertie’s fingerprints have been all over the Mater site from the beginning so is he now to be rewarded with a legacy without rational thinking going into the project?
    The correct decision can only be made by a group independent of politics and vested interests.

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