(1) 2012 Independent ‘Dolphin’ Review,(2) the 2011 Review

(1)The 2012 Dolphin Review

Read    -The Dolphin Report, 2012

Read our Statement on what the Review Group must consider.

HERE ARE SOME of the ‘SITE BIDS’ for the NPH:-

 2nd May 2012. NCHA meets Review Group. Read our written submission to the group here

29 March 2012   Department of Health announces proposed work of Review Group. Plans from applicant sites are required to  show ability to accommodate 165,000 sq.ms of space – for a children’s hospital, a maternity hospital and expansion space.



Terms of Reference – http://health.gov.ie/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/NPH_Review_Report.pdf
 Part One -Vol 1, – Financial Analysis Review
Part One -Vol 2- Appendices to Financial Review
Part Two –Clinical Review  

FAQs Paper at Press Launch of the Review on 6th July 2011.

NCHA’s assessement of the 2011 Review

“FOB-OFF”                          “SHAM”                         “INACCURATE”                  

The above words summarise the reaction of many to the so-called  ‘Independent’ Review of July 2011.

The terms of reference for the review :-

  • EXCLUDED a review of the hospital location
  • EXCLUDED a review of the decision making process in choosing the Mater site
  • EXCLUDED a real evaluation of alternative sites
  • The review only considered finances. It was not allowed to consider what was actually best for children.NOT EVEN ONE  clinical benefit for children of locating their hospital at the Mater is identified.


  • One journalist’s reaction “I am staggered that the very consultants being paid for NPH at Mater site gave costings for comparison sites – how can that be independent??”
  • The Review team’s schedule appears to have been tightly controlled by the Department of Health and the HSE – unchanged since the Fianna Fail government.


  • Of the four international experts carrying out the clinical review – Dr. Mandell (Boston) did not come to Ireland at all, Dr. Shmerling (Colorado) and Dr.Steer (Brisbane)were in Ireland 3 days while Dr. Collins (London, England) came over to Dublin one day during the review process. Their report is misinformed in many aspects
  • The Dept. of Health has yet to publish any appendices to the report. To date 26/08/2011, two months after the completion of the review, the self-proclamed new era of government transparency is marked by failure to publish any appendix , not even a list of persons /organisations who met with the review group. We now await  information requested from the Department of Health under the Freedom of Information Acts.

Post -review -September 2011. Still awaiting FOI documentation

 NCHA has received a letter from the Department of Health, dated 16th Sept.2011, informing us, for the first time, that third party interests may be affected by disclosure of certain material we  requested under FOI on 20 July 2011. Apparently such third parties have not yet been advised of NCHA’s request.  It will require a further 5 weeks minimum from the time they are to the time we might receive such. Is this what is known as “stonewalling” by the DoH? We wonder what An Bord Pleanála will make of this as the Oral Hearing is due on the 17th October 2011 and NCHA still has not got the information required to comment on the  NPH “Independent” Review.

October 2011 – The Department of Health has just  published a little information regarding the process of the National Paediatric Hospital(NPH)  Review in the form of Appendices to the NPH Financial Review, vol 2 . See Part 1, Vol 2 above.