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Lotto will ‘run out of steam’ if it can’t grow on internet
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St James’s hospital €604 million children’s hospital has “unparalleled array of services”
 Irish Times. Martin Wall. 26.05.2012

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Our best chance of a world-class children’s hospital. Irish Times. John Hennessy. 15.05.2012

Park hospital site could save €210million,claim developers. .Claire Murphy . 14.05.2012

Phoenix Park site with  planning permission proposed for new National Children’s Hospital
. Irish Independent. Independent reporters. 14.05.2012

Board  member backs Mater site over fears of further delays to work. Irish Times . Martin Wall .11.05.2012

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Plot offered to Government for free now comes with a price tag. Irish Independent. Cormac McQuinn 08.05.2012
500 -acre hub on the cards near airport Irish Independent. Fiach Kelly, Cormac McQuinn and Eilish O’Regan  07.05.2012

James’s could get children’s hospital up by 2015.  Irish Times . Martin Wall . 05.05.2012

Supporters of Mater site say hospital can be built faster  Irish Times . Martin Wall 04.05.2012
Scaled-back plan addresses height issue. Irish Times Frank McDonald . 04.05.2012         

Varadkar offers land ti facilitate hospital bid.    Irish Times . Martin Wall  03.05.2012

Crosbie ‘should not’ push Mater . Irish Times .Frank McDonald 02.05.2012
Group behind Mater bid to launch campaign  Irish Times . Fiona Gartland. 01.05.2012

Supporters of child hospital at Mater to relaunch bid. Irish Independent. Allison  Bray 02.05.2012

Archbishop favours St. James as hospital site. Irish Times . Martin Wall and Frank McDonald. 30.04.2012

Mater ‘still best option’ for children’s hospital. Sunday Independent. Maeve Sheehan. 29.04.2012.

Hospital group should look closely at New Zealand Model. Irish Medical Times.27.04.2012. Dr. Neil McDonald

NCHA unhappy with NPHDB chair for Mater site statement. Medical Independent. 19.04.2012.

Tallaght offer for children’s hospital. Irish Times. 20.04.2012. Alison Healy

Tallaght bids to be site of national children’s hospital. Irish Independent. 20.04.2012. Eilish O’Regan

Mega- hospital plans unveiled.  Fingal Independent. 17.04.2012. John Manning

Landowners offer 50-acre site for children’s hospital. Irish Independent. 17.04.2012. Eilish O’Regan

Swords proposal for Children’s Hospital Irish Times. 17.04.2012. Pamela Duncan

Corrections and Clarifications. Irish Times .14.04.2012

Mater remains best site for children’s hospital. Irish times 13.04.2012. Harry Crosbie

‘Scoring system needed’ for assessing site options . Irish Times.10.04.2012. Frank McDonald

Coombe suggests ‘viable and acheviable’  alternative site plan. Irish Times. 09.04.2012. Frank McDonald

NAMA sites may be ‘for another occasion’. Irish Medical Times .06.04.2012. Gary Culliton

New plan to rescue Mater site for children’s hospital. Irish Times. 09.04.2012. Frank McDonald

Lottery bid numbers don’t yet add up   Irish Times. 05.04.2012 . Eoin Burke-Kennedy

Children’s hospital group to consider 15 new sites  Irish Times.03.04.2012. Frank McDonald

Review group to assess new sites for Children’s hospital  Sunday Independent. 01.04.2012 Maeve Sheehan.

Whose sick idea was it to ban every blooming thing?  Irish Times. 30.03.2012. Michael Viney
Paediatric Review board meets for the first time. Medical Independent. 30.03. 2012

NAMA runs rule over  former glass bottle site for new children’s hospital Irish Times , 28.03.2012, Michael O’Regan and Genevieve Carbery

Proposal to place children’s hospital in Blanchardstown Healthplus, Irish Times, 27.03.2012 Ronan McGreevy

Childen’s Hospital Group Named   Irish Times .16.03.2012.   Martin Wall


Publican offers 80-acre site for children’s hospital. Irish Examiner . Fiachra O Cionnaith.13.03.2012

Hospital review group must have ‘experienced planner’    Irish Times. 09.03.2012. Frank McDonald

Children’s hospital ‘can be built in four years’    Irish Independent 07.03.2012. Fiach Kelly and Eilish O’Regan

Future of new children’s hospital in doubt if government fails to put planner on special review group Irish Independent 09.03.2012.    Lyndsey Telford.

Suffer the little children. Irish Medical Times. Dr.Muiris Houston 08.03.2012

Hospital decision must be right one. Irish Independent. 07.03.2012. Editorial.

 Children’s hospital group to focus on cost and construction time frame. Irish Times . 07.03.2012. Martin Wall and Paul Cullen

Nothing ruled out on hospital, says Reilly. Irish Times 07.03.2012. Martin Wall

Minister says Government not fixed solely on Mater site. Irish Times.06.03.2012. Barry Roche

  Farmers offer free greenfield site for children’s hospital. Irish Times. 06.03.2012.-Muiris Houston

Children’s hospital – A last chance   Irish Examiner. 06.03.2012.  Editorial

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Mater hospital teaching role plea . The Irish Times.  05.02. 2012

Children’s hospital: 60pc back different site– Sunday Independent- 04.03.2012-Maeve Sheehan

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Overseas investors want to fund children’s hospital on Coombe site – The Irish Independent – Dearbhail McDonald and Paul Melia 03.03.2012

Coombe sends proposal for children’s hospital to Reilly– The Irish Times-  Fiona Gartland- 03.03.2012

Scaled-back version of Mater plan is only hope to get children’s hospital built on time– The Irish Times- Paul Cullen-03.03.2012

Government guidelines core to any review of alternative locations– The Irish Times- Frank McDonald-03.03.2012

Sticking-plaster solution the worst of all possible outcomes– The Irish Times- Dr Muiris Houston-03.03.2012

Building national  hospital for children in nine steps  – The Irish Times- 02.03.2012- James Sheehan

Decisions must be right,not just for right now  Irish Examiner- 01.03.2012 – Paul Mills

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Reilly knew of smaller hospital fears Irish Examiner. Fiachra Ó Cionnaith. 01.03.2012
Smaller children’s hospital on Mater site ‘a possibility’-Irish Examiner- Evelyn Ring- 29.02.2012.

Planning experts to examine options for children’s hospital- The Irish Times-28.02.2012-Martin Wall, Barry Roche, and Deaglán de Bréadún

Heuston site ticks all boxes for new children’s hospital – The Irish Times-28.02.2012-James Nix

Coalition still wants Mater site for children’s hospital– The Irish Times- 27.02.2012- Martin Wall and Paul Cullen

Officials ‘misrepresented’ report on children’s hospital-Irish Examiner- Fiachra Ó Cionnaith and Claire O’Sullivan- 27.02. 2012

Paediatric group to consider Mater issue– The Irish Times-27.02.2012- Frank McDonald, Environment Editor

Officials misrepresented report on childrens hospital- 27.02.2012-By Fiachra Ó Cionnaith and Claire O’Sullivan

Minister had plenty of options before backing Mater site-Sunday Independent -26.02.2012- Maeve Sheehan

Farcical saga of childrens hospital has to end now– Sunday Independent- 26.02.2012- John Crown

Body chair is exjournalist with background in philosophy and art– Sunday Independent-26.02.2012- Louise Hogan

Doctors: No half-measures for child hospital. Irish Examiner. Caroline O’Doherty. 25.02.2012

Expert group will not decide on hospital location– The Irish Times- 25.02.2012-Martin Wall, Industry Correspondent, Fiona Gartland and Paddy Agnew

Flawed proposal for Mater site– The Irish Times- 25.02.2012- Editorial

Politicians face crisis of trust as cynicism holds sway– The Irish Times- 25.02.2012- Stephen Collins

Panel not allowed refer to ideal greenfield site in final report– Irish Independent- 25.02.2012- Eilish O’Regan Health Correspondent

Rabbitte had doubts from start over location-Irish independent,-25.02.2012- Fiach Kelly Political Correspondent

Taoiseach says hospital will be built– The Irish Times- 24.02.2012-Stephen Collins, Paul Cullen and Martin Wall

Frantic attempts to salvage children’s hospital–  Irish Examiner-  Caroline O’Doherty, Paul O’Brien, Mary Regan and Evelyn Ring- 24.02.2012.

Kenny vows children’s hospital will be built by Government-The Irish Times- 24.02.2012-Stephen Collins, Paul Cullen and Martin Wall

Red light for Mater proposal down to skyline fears– The Irish Times- 24.02.2012- Frank McDonald, Environment Editor

Concern at how decision will affect child welfare– The Irish Times-24.02.2012-Luke Cassidy

Time is of the essence in finding a solution– The Irish Times- 24.02.2012- Dr Muiris Houston

Eamon keeps reminding his FF namesake of all those wasted years– The Irish Times- 24.02.2012-Marie O’Halloran

Coalition must now face fact Mater is wrong site– The Irish Times- 24.02.2012-Frank McDonald

Planning permission refused for new childrens hospital– 23.02.2012-By Independent
Next lottery operator could get annual fee of €50m
– The Irish Times- 21.02.2012- Eoin Burke-Kennedy

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Children’s hospital review team do not have to visit site – Irish Examiner – 13.05.2011- Catherine Shanahan
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Site of new Children’s Hospital to be confirmed in 4 weeks – Irish Independent – 12.05.2011
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Review of children’s hospital project is not yet under way – Irish Times – 13.04.2011 – Marie O’Halloran
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We weren’t asked about the Mater Site Part 2 – The Daily Mail – 23.10.2010 – John Breslin
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Harney’s car pelted with eggs and cheese in protest – Irish Times – 13.10.2010 – Conor Kane
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Planners cannot predict timescale – Irish Medical Times – 09.11.2010 – Aoife Connors
Health chiefs in costly PR drive for build – Irish Independent – 02.11.2010 – Fiach Kelly
Planned hospital board offers PR post public relations – Irish Independent – 02.11.2010
Endless talk will kill off our children’s hospital – The Irish Times – 30.10.2010 – Karl Anderson
ED stalled over Metro – Irish Medical Times – 29.10.2010 – Gary Culliton
Paediatricians in war of  words over hospital site – 26-10-10 – Catherine Shanahan
Fear of failing our children must far outweigh all other anxieties – The Irish Times – 23.10.2010 – BREDA O’BRIEN
Controversy lingers over hospital project – Irish Medical Times – 22.10.2010 – Aoife Connors
Harney insists that Mater site is right place for children’s hospital – 20.10.10 – Evelyn Ring
Hospital plan in critical condition – The Post – 17.10.2010 – Aileen O’Meara
Scrap the crazy plan to put sick children into a sky-high bottleneck – Irish Examiner – 15.10.2010 – Matt Cooper
Lynch resignation reignites row on location of new children’s hospital – The Post – 10.10.2010 – Susan Mitchell
Cowen insists children’s hospital will go ahead – The Irish Times – 16.10.2010
The wrong person has resigned in row over new children’s hospital – Irish Examiner – 21.10.2010 – Ivan Yates
Harney insists Mater site is right place for children’s hospital – Irish Examiner – 20.10.2010 – Evelyn Ring
Harney asked chairman to resign from hospital board – Irish Independent – 17.10.2010 – Maeve Sheehan
Children’s hospital ‘will go ahead’ – Irish Independent – 16.10.2010
Ex-chairman warns of ‘serious funds risk’ to children’s hospital – Irish Independent – 16.10.2010 – Eilish O’Regan
Temple St chairman supports Harney in children’s hospital row – Irish Examiner – 16.10.2010
Harney sparks row over children’s hospital – Irish Examiner – 16.10.2010 – Fiachra O Cionnaith
Harney and Lynch differ over issue of resignation – Irish Times – 16.10.2010 – Martin Wall
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Children’s hospital row – Irish Independent – 16.10.2010 – Editorial
Scrap the crazy plan to put sick children into a sky-high bottleneck – Irish Examiner – 15.10.2010 – Matt Cooper
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Developer met children’s hospital chief on site move – Irish Times – 14.10.2010 – Eithne Donnellan
Trying to shoehorn facilities into Mater shows site not suitable – Irish Times – 14.10.2010 – Roisin Healy
Developer renews offer to build children’s hospital – Irish Examiner – 14.10.2010 – Evelyn Ring
State brings out begging bowl to meet €110m hospital shortfall – Irish Independent – 13.10.2010 – Eilish O’Regan
Fluid design for new children’s hospital creates playful effect, as befits clientele – Irish Times – 13.10.2010 – Frank McDonald
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Experts never suggested Mater as site for hospital – Eilish O’Regan and Gene McKennaIrish – Independent -17.01.2007
Crumlin Children’s Hospital Examines Options – Irish Times – 17.02.2007