•  What Enda Kenny said – 16th Jan 2007 –

Fine Gael National Press Office Press Statement:-

“Independent Review process needed for Children’s Hospital Decision

Fine Gael Leader Enda Kenny TD today (Tuesday) called on the Government to instigate an immediate review of the process surrounding the selection of the site for the National Children’s Hospital.

Commenting on the matter , the Fine Gael leader said:
“I am seriously concerned that two hospitals, Tallaght and Crumlin, have both withdrawn fron this process. The fact that those decisions were taken, and given the credibility of the personnel involved, has led me to having a deep suspicion that something is amiss with the process as conducted.

I’m also concerned that the sites considered were not rated under the nine McKinsey criteria which were the basic terms of reference in the evaluation of submissions. Nor has there been sufficient clarity and transparency about the process used to support the selection decision.

I believe there is a huge public appetite to get this decision right . That is why I believe that an independent review should be conducted by a panel of Irish and International experts. This review should be completed inside two months. This two-month review period would allow for full accountability and transparency to be provided.

If the Mater site is the correct site then Fianna Fail and the PDs or the HSE should have no difficulty in having it stand up to that scrutiny. As there is no difference of opinion about providing what is best for all our children in terms of paediatric needs it is essential to have the location chosen correctly now rather than to regret it later.”


Email to NEW CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL ALLIANCE, 24/02/2011, from Fine Gael

Fine Gael is committed to the development of a national paediatric children’s hospital.
With regard to the proposed Mater site, Fine Gael has serious concerns that a hospital we are told should only cost €440m, i.e. at a cost of €1million a bed, is costing €650m. If this transpires to be due to the nature of the site then clearly, in a recession, this would be a matter of grave concern which must be reviewed. If in Government, Fine Gael will review the entire proposal as a matter of urgency.

Fine Gael
Campaign 2011

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Order of Business – 19.10.2010 – Oireachtas.ie

Deputy Kenny: “…it will be necessary to remove 8,000 lorry loads of material [from the Mater site] to make way for a car park at a cost of €100 million.
An Ceann Comhairle: This is out of order on the Order of Business”

Deputy Gilmore: The deputy requested an explanation from the DoHC Minister about the resignation of the Chairman of the Development Board because the latter had “a problem with the hospital going on the [Mater] site”.
“An Ceann Comhairle: The Deputy is out of order

The Taoiseach:….Unfortunately the chairman [of the National Paediatric Hospital Board] has resigned and the issues are known. There was a question of how the remit of the hospital was to proceed with the building of the hospital on that site. Of the last 25 major paediatric hospitals worldwide, 24 have been built adjacent to adult hospital sites [ New Children’s Hospital Alliance(NCHA) comment – this is not true eg Alder Hey in Liverpool,Melbourne Children’s-see MATER page on this- NCHA- site] . I thank him for the work he did at the time.

Deputy Seán Barrett: Why did he resign?

The Taoiseach: I have explained that.

Deputy Seán Barrett: The Taoiseach should not tell us he resigned for no reason.

The Taoiseach: Another respected person is now in the chair and we can proceed.”


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  • Minister Harney, Irish Independent 01.2007 “I am satisfied that the recommendation that the new children’s hospital be located on a site to be made available by the Mater Hospital was made after a rigorous and robust and independent assessment process.”
  • Liz McManus (Labour), Irish Independent 24.05.2007″The decision to sign this statutory instrument [setting up the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board] on the eve of the election is particularly unacceptable given the fact that the Labour Party had made clear its intention in government to review the decision.”
  • John Gormley (Greens), Irish Independent 01.2007″We only get one chance at this and we need to get it right. Our policy has been that the Mater is a real problem. Our preferred site is one that meets with approval from all the experts and we are quite prepared to go back and listen to them”.
  • Enda Kenny, Irish Times 17.01.20007″The fact that decisions were taken and given the credibility of the personnel involved, has led me to having a deep suspicion that something is amiss with the process.”
  • Ms Harney ruled out reviewing the decision yesterday – Irish Times 17.01.2007
  • Dail Questions and Answers – Mary Harney, Minister, replies to James Reilly, TD – November 201

Written Answers, 20th April 2010

  • Mary Upton (Dublin South Central, Labour)

Question 254: To ask the Minister for Health and Children the position regarding the proposed new children’s hospital at the Mater site, Dublin; if she is satisfied that this is the most appropriate location for this hospital in view of the fact that the Metro North project is unlikely to go ahead for a number of years; her views on access to this facility in the future in view of the traffic situation in Dublin City; her further views on parking facilities for the hospital; and if she will make a statement on the matter. [14641/10]

  • Mary Harney (Minister, Department of Health and Children; Dublin Mid West, Independent)

A joint HSE/Department of Health and Children Task Force was established in February 2006 following the presentation of the report Children’s Health First-International best practice in tertiary paediatric services: implications for the strategic organisation of tertiary paediatric services in Ireland to advise on the optimum location of the proposed new paediatric hospital. The Task Group also included representation from the Office of Public Works.
This Task Group considered submissions from a number of hospitals in the greater Dublin area, from private hospitals, property developers and site owners and engaged in extensive consultations with the three existing paediatric hospitals, the maternity hospitals and external experts. The location of the new children’s hospital was selected prior to the decision on the precise route of the Metro North line. However, the subsequent decision to proceed with the Metro North project and to locate a Metro stop at the Mater campus with an entrance / exit to Eccles Street will assist with access to the new children’s hospital.
I am pleased to note that Design of the new hospital is proceeding on schedule, and that the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board and the HSE are making very good progress in their work to bring this important project to fruition. Construction work is due to commence later this year, and the Hospital is on target to open at the end of 2014.

  • Mary Upton (Dublin South Central, Labour)

Question 255: To ask the Minister for Health and Children her plans to make available to the public the draft plans for the proposed children’s hospital at the Mater site, Dublin; if so, when these plans will be available; the locations at which they may be viewed; if she will be providing a consultative process for the public on these draft plans; if so, the dates and locations of such a consultative process; and if she will make a statement on the matter.

  • Mary Harney (Minister, Department of Health and Children; Dublin Mid West, Independent)

The National Paediatric Hospital Development Board (NPHDB) will submit a Design application for the new children’s hospital to Dublin City Council in June 2010. This application will be processed in accordance with Dublin City Council’s Design application process, including public access to submitted information and Design plans. In relation to the public consultation, the NPHDB has commenced a consultation process with children and young people. They held two consultation days in December 2009 on the hospital plans and Designs. They have established a Youth Advisory Panel, consisting of young people from 13 – 16 years old who have experience of hospitalisations. The Panel has had a meeting with the Designers on the hospital plans. The NPHDB is Design a Family Forum, made up of parents / guardians of children in hospital, to involve them in the hospital Design. The NPHDB also has regular meetings with the residents around the hospital site.